We are exploring, evaluating and implementing the three R’s; Re-use, Re-purpose and Re-cycle

  • Re-use or adapt equipment and infrastructure in the same or a different location
  • Re-purpose wells and reservoirs
  • Re-cycle equipment when removing infrastructure onshore and offshore

Examples of potential benefits can be the following, of which some are new and innovative;

  • to use existing infrastructure to help accelerate new renewable industries (saving time and money) – e.g. overlap with wind industry, CO2 storage, geothermal
  • to combine the throughputs and capacities of existing equipment and pipelines– e.g. smooth transition from hydrocarbons to hydrogen
  • to move equipment to a new location and re-use for new oil and gas production or for a combination with renewable industries (again saving time and money) – Self installing platforms, or reusable decks

The industry already has experience with several aspects of re-use. By combining learnings through Nexstep real opportunities can be evaluated, recommended and facilitated.