Nexstep, National Platform for Re-use & Decommissioning was established following recommendations made in the Netherlands Masterplan for Decommissioning & Re-use in November 2016. This Masterplan was set-up by EBN, Element NL and IRO, respectively representing the state, the oil and gas operators, and the service industry.

With the foreseen decline of hydrocarbon production in the future, the oil and gas infrastructure will become available for other uses. The energy transition presents an opportunity to re-use existing elements to complement renewable investments before the eventual safe and efficient decommissioning.

Nexstep is a membership-based organisation which aims to stimulate and facilitate collaboration amongst key stakeholders. We will:

  • develop and drive a dedicated innovation agenda
  • promote effective regulation
  • encourage knowledge transfer both nationally and internationally

Core members are EBN and the oil and gas operators organised under Element NL, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Our mission is to serve as an inclusive and collaborative umbrella organization that coordinates, facilitates and seeks dialogue on the re-use and decommissioning agenda for oil and gas infrastructure in the Netherlands. We strive for zero safety incidents and minimizing the costs and impact that decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure has on the environment.


As the public face of re-use and decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure in the Netherlands, we will inform and engage stakeholders and the general public about our work. We will promote transparency about re-use and decommissioning including its scope in the Netherlands. A dedicated innovation agenda will identify new challenges and promote technology development where it is needed. Nexstep will also encourage industry collaboration, sharing of lessons learned and engagement with international partner organizations involved in the coordination of re-use and decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure.