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1.3 If any clause of these terms of use is found to be incompatible with applicable legislation and regulations or is found to be void or inoperative by a competent court, this will have no effect on the validity or enforceability of the remaining clauses of the terms of use.

1.4 Nexstep makes every effort to present the Information as accurately as possible. Nevertheless, the Information in some cases may not be accurate or correct. Nexstep provides absolutely no guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability or the chronological accuracy of the Information on the Website. Nexstep accepts no responsibility for other errors and/or inadvertent typographical errors on the Website.

1.5 Nexstep advises not to take any action or omit to take any action based on any Information (or the absence of Information) on the Website. Information on the Website may not be regarded as constituting advice from Nexstep in any way whatsoever. Information cannot therefore be used to replace any other advice provided by Nexstep or a third party.

1.6 Nexstep may make changes to the Website or the Information without giving users any notice or advance warning. Information on the Website will not bind Nexstep or obligate it in any way. Nexstep is under no obligation to rectify any deficiencies on the Website.

1.7 Users must be aware that any unauthorised use of the Information and/or materials on the Website may constitute a breach of legislation and regulations relating to copyright, trademarks, personal data protection, disclosures and communication. Nexstep accepts absolutely no responsibility and/or liability for unauthorised use of the Information on the Website by the user.


2.1 Copyright in the Information belongs to Nexstep except where otherwise indicated that it has been provided to Nexstep under a licence.

2.2 Users are permitted to print and/or download parts of the Website for their own personal, non-business use subject to the following conditions:

  • Information may not be amended in any way;
  • no single image on the Website may be used without the accompanying text;
  • the copyright attribution and trademarks of Nexstep must be stated on all copies together with this permission.

2.3 Use of parts of the Website other than in accordance with the conditions set out in section 2.2 of these terms of use is not permitted. If a user breaches the rules set out in these terms of use, the permission granted to use the Website will be automatically revoked, and the user will have to immediately destroy any Information downloaded and/or printed.

2.4 Except as provided for in section 2.2 of these terms of use, no part of the Website may be reproduced or stored on another website or in a public or private electronic retrieval system without the explicit prior permission of Nexstep.

2.5 A user may not publish any part of the Website of Nexstep in any way on another website (for instance, in a frame (‘cache’) or as a (hidden) link) without the prior written permission of Nexstep. If a user wishes to create a frame or a (hidden) link, linking to the Website, they must notify us of this by sending an email to info@Nexstep.nl following which Nexstep will consider granting permission. Nexstep may attach further conditions to use of the Website.

2.6. Nexstep explicitly reserves the right to rescind the permission referred to in sections 2.2 to 2.5 of these conditions of use at any time. Users must immediately abide by a request made by Nexstep. In the case of a breach of sections 2.2 to 2.5 of these terms of use, the user will fully indemnify Nexstep for any loss or damage (including consequential damages) incurred. Furthermore, Nexstep reserves the right to take any appropriate action.


3.1 While Nexstep aims to keep the Website accessible 24 hours a day, Nexstep will not be held liable in any way if the Website is temporarily or permanently no longer accessible, either in whole or in part.

3.2 Nexstep may temporarily or permanently deny a user access to the Website without notice.


4.1 Nexstep is not responsible for the content of third-party websites that are accessible from the Website by the provision of a hyperlink or other method. Nexstep can in no way be considered to endorse or support the content of these websites.

4.2 Users must be aware that Nexstep has no influence on the content and/or security of third-party websites. Nexstep accepts no liability or responsibility for the content of third-party websites or the consequences of their use. If a user decides to visit third-party websites, they do this entirely at their own risk.


5.1 Nexstep accepts no responsibility and/or liability whatsoever for consequences of the use of the Website. Furthermore, Nexstep will not be held liable for its associated entities, directors, employees, shareholders, supervisory directors, contractors or agents hereof (insofar as permissible by law) arising from statute, custom or contract, tort (or deception) or otherwise (including and without exclusion of liability for negligence) in respect of anyone whosoever, relating to any claim, damage or loss whatsoever, whether as a direct result or otherwise of:

  • an incidence of loss of anything whatsoever, as a result of something that has happened, or something that has been omitted, either in whole or in part, in response to or based on the Website; and
  • the use of Information; and
  • unauthorised access to the Website.

5.2 While Nexstep makes every effort to protect the Website against computer viruses and similar (including but not limited to worms and Trojan horses), Nexstep does not guarantee that the Website is free of such viruses. Nexstep accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising from the transfer of viruses or similar via the Website or via any file whatsoever which is available on the Website for download.


6.1 By providing us with data, the user agrees insofar as required by law that Nexstep may process this data for marketing or information purposes.

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7.1 These terms of use are governed by the laws of the Netherlands. Any disputes arising from the Website will be heard exclusively by the relevant section of the District Court of The Hague in the Netherlands.