During Offshore Energy 2018 in RAI Amsterdam, a hackathon was organised in cooperation with IRO. The aim of the hackathon was to capture thoughts and ideas from operators and the more than 50 supply chain contractors. NAM, Spirit Energy and Neptune Energy presented their challenges and dilemmas on offshore decommissioning and opened up to listen to solutions from the service industry. In three intensive sessions numerous ideas were generated, which are presented in this report.
We are now investigating to translate the ideas from the hackathon into concrete projects in close cooperation with the service industry.

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In the first annual Re-use & Decommissioning report, Nexstep gives an overview of all the offshore and onshore oil- and gas infrastructure which will become available in the coming decade. While the industry is dedicated to decommissioning the infrastructure, as a normal part of the oil and gas production life cycle, they also want to look at the opportunities this infrastructure offers in the energy transition. Therefore, the report does not only include data for decommissioning, based on input provided by all the Dutch operators and thoroughly analysed by EBN and Nexstep, but also the different opportunities for re-use. The opportunities focused on are: electrification, hydrogen, CO₂ storage and geothermal.

Re-use decommissioning report 2018 – English Version

NOGEPA and EBN have initiated the development of a national inventory for all infrastructure associated with the upstream oil & gas industry. A first data collection has been completed for the offshore infrastructure; there are over 150 platforms, over 3,000 km of pipelines and over 600 wells. Details of the offshore collection are presented in this document. A first publicly available overview of the complete off- and onshore re-use and decommissioning landscape and activity is scheduled to be published by mid-year 2018.

Nexstep Inventory – published november 2017

The Netherlands Masterplan for Decommissioning & Re-use was presented on 30 November 2016. This plan has been created with the vision to ensure a safe, efficient and effective decommissioning of Dutch offshore infrastructue. If possible the assets will be re-used. The Masterplan is an initiative from EBN and is established in close cooperation with NOGEPA and IRO.

Click here for the EBN website where you can download the Masterplan

In June 2017 the Oil & Gas Authority published its ‘UKCS Decommissioning – 2017 Estimate Report’. The report provides a new cost estimate for offshore oil and gas decommissioning in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

Click here to go to the Oil & Gas Authority website for more information and to download the report.