Re-use & Decommissioning report 2023

The optimisation of decommissioning activities, intensive cooperation between operators and innovative projects; the sixth Re-use & Decommissioning report reveals the impact of Nexstep in these and other policy areas. Also thanks to the facilitating role of Nexstep in the cooperation and exchange of knowledge between operators, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and other stakeholders, there has been huge growth in decommissioning activities since 2022. Against that background, the subtitle for this year’s Nexstep report is ‘Stepping up the pace’.

Maintaining the high pace of the decommissioning process at a structural level and preparing for the reuse of infrastructure require clear regulation. Kees Hansma, Director Deep Subsoil Transition at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy,  describes in the report the latest legislation and regulations and the conditions that could be influential in the future.

Taking the next step goes hand in hand with monitoring recent developments and moving forward based on the latest insights, for example the current attention for nature-friendly decommissioning. Inspired by the North Sea Agreement and results of studies by Wageningen University & Research, earlier this year, Nexstep joined forces with Element NL, the North Sea Foundation and NWEA, and signed up to a joint project headed by Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN). Read all about this and other innovative developments in the new report.

Re-use & Decommissioning rapport 2023 ENG