Exploring and enabling opportunities through Nexstep

There will be several opportunities generated by the members of Nexstep, which can be triggered by spatial overlap of infrastructure and new or developing sustainable energy initiatives. Wind, hydrogen, geothermal, solar, biogas can all benefit from this overlap and vice versa.

There are a number of ongoing projects and evaluations with re-use potential;

  • Re-purposing wells for geothermal, Middenmeer
  • Permanent storage of CO2 in the P18-4 reservoir – the first step in a new industry
  • Deep Geothermal (including Green Deal Ultra-diepe Geothermie)

We expect that there will be increasing interest in;

  • The potential offshore to convert oil and gas based electricity and process heat generation to wind based electricity, making platforms “future ready”
  • The interaction between the CCS industry and the Hydrogen Economy to ensure a smooth and effective transition from Blue Hydrogen (pre-combustion separation plus CCS) to Green Hydrogen. Electrolysis offshore can facilitate storage and transport of hydrogen using existing infrastructure
  • Re-using existing pipe networks to transport green gas, biogas, CO2 or hydrogen
  • Re-purposing offshore platforms to integrate with the wind industry
  • Evaluating the arguments and logic of leaving offshore infrastructure as “reefs”, and making recommendations.

Nexstep will be adding to this list, encouraging new projects and reporting on progress.