The aim of Nexstep is to provide transparency to the service industry and the public on the number of wells, installations and pipelines which are no longer in use and could be re-used, re-purposed or will be decommissioned. An annual report will be published to provide the latest view on the timing of decommissioning activities. This timeline will depend on many factors such as price of gas and operating cost.

An estimate of the number of offshore sites and installations to be decommissioned has been made by EBN in 2017. It is based on a vast number of assumptions regarding the timing as to when decommissioning projects will start. Please click here to open the inventory as is published in November 2017.

The National Platform allows operators to schedule decommissioning projects efficiently and potentially achieve cost savings through joint procurement and contracting. It will also facilitate the distribution of the workload and capacity of the service industry, helping contribute to a vibrant service industry.