Re-use & decommissioning report 2020

The third Re-use & decommissioning report provides insight into the expected oil and gas infrastructure that will be taken out of production in the Netherlands over the coming ten years and covers what has been done so far on the repurposing of the infrastructure.

As forecasted last year, 2019 has proven to be a year with high activity. Last year, a total of ten platforms and three subsea installations had been forecasted to be removed. Due to a delay in the arrival of the crane vessel three satellite platforms which had been scheduled to be removed in 2018-2019 were actually removed early 2020.

Throughout this report you will find summaries of recent decommissioning projects. Read the progress in our report and hand-out. Additional information about terminology can be found in our Glossary with icons.

Re-use & decommissioning report 2020 ENG


Re-use & decommissioning report 2020 ENG_handout