Hackathon Report OGA

The exploitation of new and novel ideas from supply chain is a key enabler for cost reduction in both the UK and Dutch sectors of the North Sea. To commence identifying and addressing challenges in this area a hackathon event was held to extract expert knowledge and potential solutions that can contribute to the continuing activity in the region.

During the event, a number of novel ideas were generated in 5 operator challenge areas, centred around solving technical challenges faced in late life production and decommissioning in the Southern North Sea.

It emerged there were a number of consistent ideas across many of the challenge areas, with participants recognizing the need for early engagement, collaboration, sharing of experience and data, as well as implementing new ideas and work patterns both inside and outside the traditional O&G sector.

These will now be considered by the engaged operators in collaboration with OGA, Nexstep and wider industry to develop the ideas into delivery programmes which will include working with the OGTC and TNO ( or relevant organisation) in the Netherlands.

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