Re-use & Decommissioning report 2022


The fifth Re-use & Decommissioning report provides insight into the oil and gas infrastructure that is forecasted to be decommissioned in the Netherlands over the coming ten years and covers what has been decommissioned so far. The title of this report is “The Power of Collaboration”, since collaboration became the guiding principle for our activities within Nexstep.

Looking into the future, we once again see a slight shift of decommissioning. This can be explained by the difficult years of 2020 and 2021, with extremely low prices, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the problems with restrictions on emissions of nitrogen-based compounds which delayed or restricted decommissioning activities. We do however see a transformation in this pattern. In 2022 several decommissioning activities are taking place and we will highlight some of them in this report.

In this year’s report, we included interviews about the Joint Well Campaign as well as the Peer Assist which facilitates work sessions in which experienced decommissioning peers from various operators reacted to a planned decommissioning project, in order to improve it. Read about the achievements of five years Nexstep on the back of the hand-out.

Re-use & decommissioning report 2022 ENG

Re-use & decommissioning report ENG – handout

Re-use & decommissioning report NED – handout