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The fourth Re-use & Decommissioning report provides insight into the oil and gas infrastructure that is forecasted to be decommissioned in the Netherlands over the coming ten years and covers what has been decommissioned so far. The title of this report is “On the Road”, with a nod to our strategic program “Road to 30%”, but it also expresses that we are on the road to reach our aim of reducing decommissioning costs by 30%.

Last year, the offshore decommissioning activity was forecasted to be very low for 2021. The expected higher activity level forecasted in last year’s report for 2022 however, is now being postponed to 2023. Overall, when the forecasted decommissioning schedules of the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 reports are compared, we see that the forecasted decommissioning has been delayed each year. Schedules are set up well in advance, which means that the window of operations can shift. Whether the timeframe can be met depends on several factors, and those factors could be different per offshore installation.

For onshore, the activity level in 2020 was marked with the start of a large campaign for well decommissioning associated with the end of production of the Groningen field by 2022.

In this year’s report, we included interviews with several operators in the Netherlands, focusing on decommissioning, on re-use and on the importance of producing gas from the North Sea. For the first time, we have added a fact sheet that compiles all the key information. Read the progress in our report and hand-out. Additional information about terminology can be found in our Glossary with icons.

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