Re-use & decommissioning report 2019

The second Re-use & decommissioning report outlines the status of in the decommissioning of the oil and gas infrastructure and the expectations for the next decade. Nexstep expects ten platforms to be removed from the North Sea this year. The first platform was removed in January 2019 and another will be relocated to be re-used for the second time. Furthermore three subsea installations are foreseen to be removed from the seabed.

Read the progress in our report and hand-out. Additional information about terminology can be found in our Glossary with icons. Finally, four interesting interviews about Nexstep and decommissioning in practice.

Re-use & decommissioning rapport 2019 ENG

Re-use & decommissioning rapport 2019 ENG_begrippenlijst met iconen

Re-use & decommissioning rapport 2019 ENG_interviews


Photo’s Re-use & decommissioning event 2019