Nexstep to present at SWIPA conference (13-14 March) in Trondheim

On 13 and 14 March 2024, Nexstep has been invited by the organisers of the SWIPA conference in Trondheim to share its knowledge of the recently concluded ‘Joint Well Campaign’ (JWC). In addition, Nexstep will be explaining the qualification process for the use of Through Tubing Cementation (TTC). Abroad, this technology is widely used for the dismantling of wells. The benefit of this method is that it does not require a drilling rig.

Nexstep promotes the sharing of knowledge, encourages effective and efficient regulation and implements innovative techniques. For example, Nexstep recently prepared a report on the qualification of the TTC technology in line with the current industry standard. During the conference, Nexstep will explain the approach for the qualification and will present the results of in-well testing.

The volume of decommissioning and dismantling activities is growing worldwide. Cooperation during dismantling activities increases both the effectiveness and efficiency. The positive results of the JWC concluded by Nexstep at the end of 2023 underline the importance of cooperation. This is the first campaign anywhere in the world in which operators have collaborated on this scale in the dismantling of wells. During the conference, Nexstep will explain the procedures, the techniques employed, the lessons learned and the results of the JWC.

SWIPA (Subsurface Well Integrity Plugging and Abandonment) is a centre for research-based innovation, appointed by the Norwegian Research Council. SWIPA aims to obtain a scientific understanding of the permanent dismantling of production wells and to promote innovative design methodologies.

See the conference programme on the SWIPA website.