Nexstep TTC keynote Presentation at SPE Well Decommissioning Conference Aberdeen

Date: 05 Jun 2024
Location: P&J Live, TECA, East Burn Road, Aberdeen, AB21 9FX

At the SPE Well Decommissioning Conference in Aberdeen (June 5-6), Nexstep will give a keynote presentation on approaching and testing Through Tubing Cementation (TTC) qualification. TTC is a method for the abandonment of wells. An important feature of TTC is that it does not require a drilling rig.

Besides presenting TTC, Nexstep also highlights the positive results achieved by the Joint Well Campaign (JWC). Nexstep presents the approach, techniques used, lessons learned and results achieved. The JWC is the first campaign in the world where operators have worked together to decommission wells on this scale. The campaign highlights the importance of good mutual cooperation.

Nexstep encourages knowledge sharing, promotes effective and efficient regulation, and implements innovative techniques. This is exemplified by qualifying the TTC method and coordinating the JWC.

Further information
Visit the SPE conference website for more information and the conference program.